High throughput sequencing
in molecular biology 

In oncology, molecular tests are already essential, and will be even more so in the future as targeted therapies increase in scope and precision. As a member of the Cerba HealthCare group, the teams at Cerba Path work in close collaboration with colleagues at the Cerba laboratory, French leader in molecular biology. Any sample entrusted by a clinician to Cerba Path is eligible for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) at one of Cerba’s nine sequencers, an option that opens up the possibility for the simultaneous analysis of a very large number of genes. 

Sharing opinions in real time thanks to digital pathology 

Cerba Path was the first private practice to make digital pathology a routine activity. Our slides are digitized at ultra-high resolution, enabling immediate and effective access among Cerba Path’s network of experts that comprises both pathologists from the Group as well as external partners. This ability to share patient information among colleagues in real time enables a more rapid and reliable diagnosis, something which is especially valuable in cases of atypical histology or cytology: digital pathology leverages the strength of the network.

Stepping into the era of artificial intelligence

Cerba Path pathologists draw on artificial intelligence tools to diagnose and classify certain tumours. The use of algorithms not only brings speed and mathematical rigour to the pathologist's expertise, it also adds precision and reproducibility alongside additional prognostic and predictive data. In partnership with Cerba Research, Cerba Path participates in research projects aiming to deploy the full power of artificial intelligence across anatomical pathology.

Support for clinicians in monitoring patient progress 

For many diseases, cancers in particular, anatomical pathology results are essential for their diagnosis and the subsequent choice of therapeutic response. In order to offer the greatest assistance to clinicians in monitoring their patients’ progress, Cerba Path is developing a unique results server that will present all the pertinent results in a convenient way. Moreover, in order to best meet the needs of clinicians in their follow-up with patients suffering chronic diseases, Cerba Path keeps all the samples entrusted to it much longer than the regulatory period of ten years. 
Cancer is becoming, like diabetes and polyarthritis before it, one of the long-term diseases benefiting from increasingly sophisticated treatment; it is also one that sometimes evolves between phases of remission interspersed with relapses, and so requires a resumption or adaptation of the therapeutic protocols. In these circumstances, the retention of a patient’s previous samples is of particular value.

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