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Cerba Path, a model network in anatomo-cytopathology

Anatomo-cytopathology is a highly specialized medical discipline and as such relies above all on the skill and expertise of the pathologists who practice it.

Among the Cerba Path medical team there are 44 pathologists able to support you in the personalized diagnosis of your patients, anywhere in France. 

A proximity network

In full development, our network currently includes a dozen anatomo-cytopathology practices spread throughout France to meet your needs.

Simple and fast handling of samples



Three options are available depending on the samples taken:


  • sending by the post office (small biopsies, cytology ...) 

  • pick-up by courier

  • deposit in a Cerballiance laboratory of your choice 



All over France, we implement the conditions ensuring the integrity and the fast handling of your samples :


  • Accredited transport, specialized in the transport of biological samples, in compliance with the regulation "Transport of biological materials of category B - UN3373". 

  • Temperature-controlled transport (ambient, refrigerated, frozen) from collection to analysis of samples, pre-analytical conditions essential for obtaining reliable results. 

  • Complete physical traceability, from collection to results, guaranteeing optimal security.