Our anatomocytopathology offices in France

  • Cerba Path Ajaccio

    Jardins de Bodiccione

    Boulevard Louis Campi

    20090 Ajaccio

  • Cerba Path Caen

    4 rue  Hubertine Auclert

    14610 Epron

  • Cerba Path Châteauroux

    4 rue André Lescaroux


  • Cerba Path Dieppe

    108 rue du Général Chanzy

    76200 Dieppe

  • Cerba Path Evreux

    3 rue du Jardin Botanique

    27000 Evreux

  • Cerba Path Le Havre

    42 boulevard de Verdun

    76600 Le Havre

  • Cerba Path Marseille

    245 rue Montolivet

    13012 Marseille

  • Cerba Path Nice

    270 avenue Sainte Marguerite

    06 000 Nice

  • Cerba Path Nîmes

    15 rue du Mail


  • Cerba Path Paris

    16 bis rue d'Odessa

    75015 Paris

  • Cerba Path Rouen

    4 rue d'Emendreville

    76000 Rouen

  • Cerba Path Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône

    7/11 rue de l’Equerre


  • Cerba Path Versailles

    72 avenue de Paris

    78000 Versailles

Cerba Path, a model network in anatomo-cytopathology

Anatomo-cytopathology is a highly specialized medical discipline and as such relies above all on the skill and expertise of the pathologists who practice it. Among the Cerba Path medical team there are 44 pathologists able to support you in the personalized diagnosis of your patients, anywhere in France.